For this range or bracelets and pendants, LOOSH has worked in collaboration with Lucky Culture.
All jewellery  is 925K silver and depending on the finish they are either raw, 14K Gold or 14K Rose Gold plated. Visions is a series of jewellery loaded with intentions or having clear and optimistic visions. The angle structure and the eyes coming out from the middle is about the vision and opening ourself to receiving and constructing. On the other hand The Dreamer is about realising that you just need your beautiful selves to realise your dreams. You are welcome to select a mandala piece that suits you best at the moment, more mandalas coming up very soon.
 World-wide shipping.

All kinds of knitted mushroom goods are available on demand. Please give at least 2 weeks before order. Available, mushroom bags, hats, pipe/bottle holders/ lighter cases/ necklace purse and many more creative ones.
For all enquiries please contact  ley@leyloosh.com
World-wide shipping.
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