We learn through our experiences, habits and patterns. We are intelligent beings who can work out what is constructive and what is destructive just through observations and meditations. Loosh explores the magical powers and experiences of these things and expresses them in various forms of visual art.
For Loosh painting or any kind of love for creation is one of highest points that a human being can reach. Through art; can come out marvels, fantasies, darkness or light and many forms of expressions. Through practicing art we allow our bodies and soul to enter a dimension of creation, transformation and healing. The layers building up and the process through experimentation, testing, trying continuously through space…   Patterns emerge from the cracks, we can feel the texture, almost even dive into the time where this moment was captured. Loosh appreciates this moment and while exploring multiple dimensions and journeying through life.
Feel free to contact for any of the below:
-Bespoke Artwork commissions on canvas or board
– Handmade Logo
-Jewellery Design
-Postcards, Flyers, album or book covers
-Mural Paintings
-Art/technique classes
For enquiries please email :